Wednesday, December 3, 2014
19:0021:00 Icebreaker - Hotel Crown Piast
Thursday, December 4, 2014
8:459:15 Registration
9:159:30 Opening
9:3010:00 Michael Krisch 27 Years of Phonon Studies with X-Rays: from the pioneering experiment to some recent results
10:0010:30 Reinhard K. Kremer Temperature dependence of the electronic gaps of semiconductors
10:3011:15 Coffee break
11:1511:45 Wojciech Szuszkiewicz Neutron Scattering Studies of Phonon Dispersion in (Pb,Cd)Te Solid Solution
11:4512:15 Paweł T. Jochym Rigorous approach to anharmonic modes of lattice vibrations
12:3014:00 Lunch
14:0014:30 Krzysztof Parlinski New Modules in PHONON Software
14:3015:00 Urszula D. Wdowik On the nature of structural phase transition in GeTe - the parent compound of phase-change materials
15:0015:45 Coffee break
15:4516:15 Sofia-Michaela Souliou Inelastic X-ray scattering in YBa2Cu3O6.6 reveals giant phonon anomalies and elastic central peak due to charge-density-wave formation
16:1516:45 Bartłomiej Wiendlocha Pressure effect on the superconductivity of HfPd2Al Heusler compound - experimental and theoretical study
16:4518:15 PHONON tutorial
Friday, December 5, 2014
9:3010:00 Talat Rahman Vibrational dynamics and thermodynamics as measures of nanoparticles structure
10:0010:30 Svetoslav Stankov Phonons in exotic europium nanophases - disentangling oxidation, strain and surface phenomena
10:3011:15 Coffee break
11:1511:45 Alfonso Munoz Ab initio study of dynamical and elastic properties of materials under high pressure. Some examples in binary and ternary compounds
11:4512:15 Paweł Starowicz Phonons in TaSe2 studied by ARPES and DFT calculations
12:3014:00 Lunch
14:0014:30 Peter Blaha Atomic forces and structural instabilities determined by WIEN2k
14:3015:00 Dominik Legut Raman and IR modes of the NdFeO3 under pressure – theory and experiment
15:0015:30 Coffee break
15:3016:30 Poster session
16:3017:00 Przemysław Piekarz Strong effect of iron vacancies on electronic, dielectric, and dynamical properties of FeO
17:0017:30 Andrzej Biborski Electron-phonon interactions in selected correlated hydrogen systems within the Exact Diagonalization ab initio approach
18:3019:00 Bus to Modlnica
19:0022:00 Conference dinner in Modlnica
Saturday, December 6, 2014
9:3010:00 Pierre-Francois Lory Phonon propagation and thermal conductivity in the Ba8Ge40.3Au5.25 clathrate
10:0010:30 Bjorn Wehinger Soft phonon modes in rutile TiO2 and a new tool for computing phonon scattering ab initio
10:3011:00 Coffee break
11:0011:30 Kamil Tokar Properties of charged organo-metallic clusters from quantum Monte Carlo method
11:3012:00 Closing

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