Workshop on diffusion, phonons and magnetization dynamics on surfaces and multilayers


  • Z.Chvoj, Non-equilibrium surface diffusion.
  • H.J.Elmers, Growth and magnetism in ultrathin films.
  • B.Hickey, Magnetic nanostructures.
  • A.Kara, Phonons of surfaces and nanostructures.


Dynamical effects are expected to govern the function and performance of future nanoscale devices. Therefore, it is extremely important to develop efficient methods for their characterization. The study of dynamics in nanostructures requires a special methodology, both for modeling and for the experiment. Nuclear resonant scattering (NRS) of synchrotron radiation has gained in recent years the sensitivity required to study ultrathin films, surfaces and nanostructures. It allows to explore a multitude of dynamical properties within spectral ranges extending from neV to several hundred meV. The aim of the workshop is to stimulate discussions on different dynamical aspects like diffusion, phonons and  magnetization dynamics in low-dimensional systems, and to understand the size dependence and interplay between different excitations, using a variety of experimental and theoretical methods.